Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduce a friend leaflet must be announced when first contacting a member of Super Seal staff to arrange an appointment.
  2. The ‘Introduce a friend’ leaflet must be presented at the appointment and written on the plain side the name and full address details of the customer who has introduced Super Seal, for us to qualify the payment if an order with Super Seal is placed
  3. ‘Introduce a friend’ leaflet can be passed onto a friend or family member who has never ordered from Super Seal
  4. To qualify for the reward the person that has been introduced must place an order for a qualifying product supplied and fitted by Super Seal
  5. To qualify for the £50 cash reward the person you have introduced must have paid their deposit for their order
  6. The £50 cash reward can only be claimed once
  7. A qualifying reward will be paid by bank transfer only if the terms and conditions have been met, as detailed.
  8. Super Seal reserves the right to withdraw this offer at anytime
  9. Super Seal will pay the reward at its own discretion
  10. Super Seal will determine the minimum order value to qualify for the reward to be issued